Late Fall 2004
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Secretary’s Corner -

With summer long since gone, the presidential elections over, Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season virtually upon us as I write this newsletter, we can look back on a year filled with despair, promise and hope.

Despair because of the ongoing situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sudan, between Israel and the Palestinians, and other parts of the world where suffering continues. Promise because of the recent free elections in Afghanistan, and the opportunity presented by the passing of Yassser Arafat. Hope that the world starts coming to its senses and doesn’t implode because of national and individual self-interests, and lack of caring for where we all live …. our one and only home, this fragile Planet earth.

What do we have in store for you in this issue of the JPJ newsletter:

·         Members’ Input – a new category of news from and about members

·         Seabag Items – many and varied

·         Binnacle List – CAPT Hayler and wife

·         Farewell – to DD-230 & 932 shipmates

·         CO DDG-53 Column – JPJ ops update

·         Burial-at-Sea – Grady Pearson DD-230

·         Good & Humorous Thoughts

·         San Diego reunion – 2006

 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with happiness, good health, and peace.

 Pete Maytham

Members’ Input

● Mini-Reunion - In October, shipmates Ben Gerson, Joe Good, Richard Wagar and Walt Malone enjoyed a mini-reunion in Virginia Beach, highlighted by a tour of the Norfolk waterfront in Joe Good’s new boat with a stop for lunch at Waterside. According to Walt Malone, “no collisions, groundings or violations of the Rules of the Road”.

Active Duty DeploymentThe end of Oct., Dave Grinnell wrote, “Kay’s orders came in. She and the rest of the group that went to Ecuador will leave for Gulfport on 27 Dec. for a few weeks of orientation, and then off to Sun-N-Fun in the sands of Kuwait. Now we know the real purpose of the Ecuador mission.”  We’ll keep Dave’s wife Kay in our prayers.

DD-230 stays “young” – shipmate Chuck Wilson emailed in last month, “My last rater on board DD230 was ETC. I am 93 years old. Born 8/13/11 in Oakland, California. I was transferred to the 8th ND as ETC of the ND in the fall of 1944. I was 30 when I enlisted after 10 years of the Depression in the economy and still single."

Coincidence - In Sep., shipmate Pete Maytham drove through the little village of Ellicottville, NY, where his mother and grandparents were born. While admiring an annual showing of antique and custom cars on the closed-off streets, wearing his JPJ DDG-53 jacket, a fellow came up and asked if Pete had served aboard the JPJ.

The fellow turned out to be DD-932 shipmate Cy Durham, who served aboard 1958-‘60 as EM2 in R Div. Even more of a coincidence, his brother, Ed Durham, was aboard DD-932 at the same time, also an EM2!!

Seabag Items-

John Paul Jones CryptShipmate Al Olsen advises that the crypt at the U.S. Naval Academy’s Chapel is closed for renovation through January 2005. This national treasure has remained unchanged since the remains of John Paul Jones were brought from Paris and laid to rest in the chapel crypt on January 26, 1913. The renovations will create a controlled atmosphere for humidity and temperature within the crypt. The sarcophagus and John Paul Jones’ artifacts will be cleaned and renovated as part of this project. The renovation project was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Academy’s Class of 1955 (of which DD-932 shipmate Larry Frost and Phil Donovan are members. Many of you will remember we visited the Naval Academy Chapel during our reunion in

March 1998, and listened to late shipmate Ray Komorowski read Teddy Roosevelt’s moving speech dedicating John Paul Jones’ crypt.

DD-932 First Cruise-Book- One copy of DD932’s first cruise-book (northern European shakedown cruise in 1956) has been made available by deceased plankowner Roy Wright’s brother, Louis. If you’re interested, please contact Pete Maytham at:

105 Joshua Rd.
Smithfield, VA 23430
Tel: (757) 357-3785


JPJ Ship Models – Desk sets of model DD-932 and DDG-53 destroyers mounted on a wooden base with an optional pen-holder are available for $45.00, incl. shipping. DD-932 is a 1/500 scale plastic model about 17” long; DDG-53 is a 1/700 scale waterline model about 8” long on a ½ in. thick base. If interested, order by providing ship name and hull name to:

Arthur Zoerman
114 Locust Drive
Thurmont, MD 21788
Tel: (301) 271-4137

● Looking for Info -  Tara Passey, granddaughter of R. Harvey Lunceford, who served as an EM aboard DD-230 during WWII, is writing a history about her grandfather, who is still alive, and is asking if anyone from those days has any stories about him. If so, please contact her by email at: If you don’t have email, please let Pete Maytham know and he will follow up with her by email.

Pete’s details are: 

105 Joshua Rd.
Smithfield, VA 23430
Tel: (757) 357-3785

Artistic HonorsDD-932 plankowner Dick Moore, immediate past president of the American Society of Marine Artists, has been honored by the Chicago Museum of Science, who commissioned him to do a series of 4 very large oil paintings depicting the capture of the German sub U-505 at sea May 30, 1944 off the west African coast after having attacked a convoy. The paintings will be blown up to 40 x 10 ft. and mounted on the walls of the entrance to a new underground exhibition space being constructed at the museum where the restored sub will be on public display from June 2005. All should go see the display when in the Chicago area – Dick’s paintings are fabulous!

Binnacle List Shipmate Bob Hayler and his wife, Barbara, are having health problems at the moment. Barbara has had balance and walking problems for a number of months, which the doctors now believe to be ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease); and Bob has had a liver-related problem for the past few months for which treatment options are currently being considered. Bob would love to hear from former DD-932 shipmates and any of the friends he’s made since the JPJ Assn. was started in 1992.

      Address details:

3516 No. Valley Street
            Arlington, VA 22207
         Tel: (703) 536-4066

● We commit thee to the sea …..

Grady Pearson – As reported in the Summer 2004 newsletter, DD-230 shipmate Grady Pearson died June 17, 2004. Grady and his lovely wife, Joy, whom he met in Australia during the war, became an expected and anticipated “fixture” at many JPJ reunions, with Grady endearing himself to all present with his charm and wit, not to be outdone by Joy, it should be said.

Grady’s ashes were scattered Nov. 9, 2004 from the JPJ DDG-53 off the Californian coast in a moving and traditional naval ceremony. A special pictorial of that ceremony follows.

♠  Boyd E. “Gus” Gustafson

DD-932 shipmates and especially plankowners will be greatly saddened to learn that our beloved “Gus” (and alternate, “the Overboard Dummy”) died Oct. 10, 2004 from a massive heart attack.

A 1943 Naval Academy graduate, Gus was a quiet, taciturn professional, never missing a thing, but with a good sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye, He was an exacting, but fair, first XO of DD-932. He will be very much missed by all who knew and served with him.                    

      His widow, Jane, can be contacted at

Mrs. Boyd E. Gustafson
            225 Pinckney Lane
            Williamsburg, VA 23185
            Tel:  (757) 220-0510


CO’s Column

USS John Paul Jones DDG-53

10 November 2004


It has been a very busy five months since I last wrote, but I am happy to report that we have just completed our basic phase work up cycle and are proceeding into our 12-week maintenance availability on Monday.

In mid-June, following our completion of CART II, we got underway to participate in the six week, Rim of the Pacific exercise (RIMPAC ’04).  This multi-national event provided us with an excellent opportunity to hone our skills in a multi-ship environment and allowed us to exercise every hard-kill weapons system onboard.  The high point for the entire crew was the 3 SM2 missile firings as well, the sinking of a target hulk and 16 live ASW events.  In addition, the crew received some well-deserved liberty in Hawaii, which was the first time the majority of the crew had visited the island.

Following RIMPAC the ship returned to Southern California and spent the next three months finishing up the basic phase training cycle.  During this time frame the crew participated in another high visibility exercise, entitled Trident Warrior, and also participated in Fleet Week in San Francisco.  The crew thoroughly enjoyed their time there and we were all well received everywhere we went.

Our basic phase came to a conclusion in late October when we conducted our Final Evaluation problem.  Numerous riders from the Afloat Training Group as well as our Destroyer Squadron came out to witness (grade) the event.  The crew responded brilliantly and we received an outstanding assessment.

We spent the last three days underway in the Southern California operating area to prepare for our upcoming intermediate and advanced phase training as well as conduct the burial at sea For MMC Grady Lee Pearson, USN (Ret) on 9 November at 0800.  Conforming to Naval tradition, the ship was stopped, colors displayed at half-mast, and the Officers and Crew were paraded in Service Dress Blues.  The morning was cool with a temperature of 61 degrees with slight winds and seas.  I feel honored that the crew of the JOHN PAUL JONES was provided the proud opportunity to escort Chief Pearson on his final voyage, into the Pacific, where he fought so bravely to secure the freedom of every American.  From the entire crew of the John Paul Jones – our prayers go out to his family and friends.

Thanks for all your support and keep us in your thoughts.

Andy Cully
Commanding Officer, USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG-53)

Grady L. Pearson, MMC (Ret.) USS Paul Jones DD-230

Burial-at-Sea Nov. 9, 2004 from USS John Paul Jones DDG-53


                      Grady on liberty in China, 1938                          Grady (left), representing DD-230, at Norfolk reunion, 2002 




       CDR A. Cully, CO DDG-53, leading burial service                                 Honor Guard, Burial Detail at attention




                                      Rifle Salute                                                                           We honor you, Grady Pearson!

Dues Payers - As of Dec. 1st, 134 shipmates have paid their ’04-06 Dues. Congratulations, and THANK YOU! What about you remaining 275 members. Here are those who’ve paid:

Agnew, T.                             English                                   Loeffelholz                            Reddington                          

Agnew, R.                             Ettinger                                  Lombardo                              Rentz, Jr.

Allum, Jr.                               Foote                                      Longo                                    Richardson, M.

Anderson                              Gable                                      Lundgren                               Riggs

Ankerberg                             Gallagher                               Lynch                                     Riggs, Jr.

Artzer                                     Gerson                                   Malackanich                         Riley

Badger                                   Good                                      Malone                                  Robinson

Ball                                         Gore                                        Malzahn                                 Rowe

Barkman                 Gorgone                                 Manes                                    Sanders

Barresi                                    Grabowsky                            Maytham, P.                          Sayre

Bjerke                                     Green                                      Maytham, T.                         Schaeffer, Sr.

Brown                                    Gustafson                              McCarty                                                Schmidt

Bruce                                      Hall                                         McDevitt                               Scollard

Bryant                                    Halonen                                 McKechnie, J.                       Sebring

Burnham                                Harold                                    McKechnie                           Shaeffer, Sr.

Burns                                     Hayler, Jr.                              McNamara                             Shandonay

Calandra                                Heathman                              Meier                                      Silva

Canfield                                 Heitter                                    Meiring                                  Tedder

Cantrell                                  Hicks                                      Meredith                                Tewelow

Chalpan, Jr.                           Hildebrand                            Miller                                      Towers

Childers, Sr.                           Hoyer                                     Mullaney                               Vidanoff

Colella                                    Hubbard                                                Nash                                       Vona

Comiskey                               Huggan                                  Neeland                                 Vortmann

Cowan, Jr.                              Hults                                      Neild                                       Wagar

Currall                                    Jaguchi                                  Neisius                                   Wall

Dambaugh                             Karrer                                     Olsen, Jr.                                Weaver

Davis                                      Kelly                                       Park                                        Weierbach

Diamond                                Kleist                                      Pawski                                    Weiser


Dirks                                       Knaul                                     Pearson                                  Wilson

Dodson                                  Knudsen                                                Pell                                          Woomert

Douglas                                 Knupp                                    Peters, Jr.                               Wyler

Duggan                                  Kreitner                                  Pingrin                                   Yoselevsky

Effland                                   Lanza                                      Pinkston                                                Zeisser


Good & Humorous Thoughts

Thanks for the Memories (from a former WWII Canadian corvette sailor)

IF only the rest of the world had the sense of humor of Bob Hope (May 29, 1903 - July 27, 2003)

ü        ON TURNING 70 "You still chase women, but only downhill".

ü        ON TURNING 80 "That's the time of your life when even your birthday suit needs pressing."

ü        ON TURNING 100 "I don't feel old. In fact I don't feel anything until noon. Then it's time for my nap."

ü        ON GIVING UP HIS EARLY CAREER, BOXING "I ruined my hands in the ring ... the referee kept stepping on them."

ü        ON SAILORS "They spend the first six days of each week sowing their wild oats, then they go to church on Sunday and pray for crop failure."

ü        ON NEVER WINNING AN OSCAR "Welcome to the Academy Awards or, as it's called at my home, 'Passover'."

ü        ON GOLF "Golf is my profession. Show business is just to pay the green fees."

ü        ON PRESIDENTS "I’ve performed for 12 presidents and entertained only six."

ü        ON RECEIVING THE CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL "I feel very humble, but I think I have the strength of character to fight it."

ü        ON HIS FAMILY'S EARLY POVERTY "Four of us slept in the one bed. When it got cold, mother threw on another brother."

ü        ON HIS SIX BROTHERS "That's how I learned to dance. Waiting for the bathroom."

ü        ON HIS EARLY FAILURES "I would not have had anything to eat if it wasn't for the stuff the audience threw at me."

ü        ON GOING TO HEAVEN "I've done benefits for ALL religions. I'd hate to blow the hereafter on a technicality."

Hometown News –

Below is a photo and article from a local newspaper about DD-230 shipmate Harvey Diamond

that pretty much says it all: The Navy is all about Tradition and Pride. Keep it up, Harvey, and

see you at the next reunion in San Diego!

Italian Nativity Scene –

Each year, shipmate Vince Barresi creates a nativity scene in his Virginia Beach home of the little town of Bethlehem, following the tradition that came over with his ancestors from Italy. Vince says the scene changes slightly each year, but the theme is always the same. Merry Christmas, Vince!


The next JPJ Assn. Reunion will be held Presidents’ Weekend 2006 (16-20 February) at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego (Mission Valley), with all rooms for us to be in the newly-redecorated Royal Palm Tower/Terrace, with poolside Hospitality Suite! Right across the parking-lot from Fashion Valley Mall, 2 trolley stops from Old Town and another 15 min. to the Gas Lamp District! Note the dates and …….. BE THERE!!!