Spring 2001 #2
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Spring 2001

Secretary’s Corner –

Spring has sprung here in southern Virginia, the snows are melting in the northland, and our reunion last month in San Diego was just fabulous – see Reunion Wrap-Up below.

For those who weren’t at the reunion, and as a reminder to those who were there, several Reunion Program pages about all the JPJ’s are reprinted here.

Visual confirmation of JPJ DD-932/ DDG-32 going to Davy Jones’ Locker 31 Jan. 2001, Zulu time, was witnessed at the reunion in a video provided by Master Chief Rick Dillard –see SINKEX Report below.

Membership continues to grow – 9 new members since the Reunion – great! Enclosed is a copy of the latest Roster – currently, a total of 356 shipmates!

You’ll also find a couple of JPJ "Navy Exchange" offerings, initially presented at the reunion – now available to all!

With so much news to report, this Newsletter is "blossoming", like the flowers and the trees, – our biggest yet! So, read on.

Pete Maytham

Membership –

Welcome Aboard

Please welcome the 9 Shipmates who joined the association since the reunion:

§ DD-932 –

· Robt. Horn ‘56-’59

· Tom Kellet ’61

· Ken Miller ‘67-’70

· Tom Moran ‘56-’58

§ DDG-32 –

· Dominic Bisesi ‘74-’77

· Ed Lanigan ‘80-’83

· Scott Pell ‘78-’80

· Jim Switzer ‘76-’78

· Earl Wagner ‘72-’73


Seabag Items –

¨ JPJ Assoc. Website – our new address: http://www.ussjohnpauljones.org

Quite remarkably, there are now 113 shipmates listed on the Roster with Email! If you’re on E-mail but your address is not shown on the enclosed copy of the Roster, please let John McKechnie or Dave Grinnell know.

¨ JPJ Cruise Books – should you want, or need, an old cruise book, you may be able to find it on e-Bay. Search under, "cruise book", "uss book" or "u.s.s. book".

¨ Lost Jewelry At San Diego Reunion – Someone LEFT JEWELRY in the Hospitality Suite the Sunday night of the Reunion – still unclaimed!!!

If you are the one, or know who it is, please contact John McKechnie (Tel: 619-435-3978).


Please remember to send in your dues for the current period (valid from San Diego reunion to next reunion in 2002).

Dues are only $20.00 – that’s a real bargain! Send your check, made payable to John Paul Jones Assoc., to:

John J. McKechnie
540 Alameda Blvd.
Coronado, CA 92118-1617

Note for PLANKOWNERS all JPJ’s :

When you send your Dues, please identify yourself as a Plankowner!

Sickbay –

Shipmate Ralph Banta was in the hospital during the San Diego reunion, suffering from a serious reaction to a new medication or some other cause, and is now recuperating at home, but still somewhat weak. We all say "hello" to you, Ralph, and wish you a speedy recovery.

Shipmate Jim Peters was also scheduled to be in San Diego, but couldn't make it for health reasons. Shipmate Pete Maytham spoke with him shortly after the reunion. Jim said he was doing much better, and expects to make the next reunion.


Following is the report of the sinking of the John Paul Jones DD-932/DDG-32, as provided by a member of ComDesRon 7 staff, responsible for carrying out the SINKEX:

Sunk 310011Z Jan. 01 in position 32-00.06N, 121-36.23W in 1,988 fathoms (119 nm from nearest land).

Sequence of firing events:

Struck by HARPOON missile (de-fueled) fired by VS-38. Missile hit amidships.

Struck by two MAVERICK missiles fired by VP-9.

Struck by two HELLFIRE missiles fired by BATTLE CAT 27 and HUNTER 615.

Struck by one SM-1 fired by USS THACH (FFG-43).

Struck and sunk by 180 rounds of gunfire from USS KINKAID (DD-965), USS CHOSIN (CG-65), USS THACH (FFG-43), and USS BENFOLD (DDG-65).

Sunk prior to engagement by USS SANTE FE (SSN-763) with MK-48 torpedo or scuttling by EOD.

Sunk in conjunction with ex-BARBEL (SS-580), which sank at 301936Z Jan 01 in position 32-19.08N, 121-36.16W in 1,972 fathoms (118 nm from land).

As seen in the SINKEX video, the "old girl" took one heck of a pounding by a variety of weapons and platforms, before she succumbed. With all hatches, doors and scuttles open, she flooded by the bow, going down vertically, with the stern, rudders and screws going down last.

Definitions and Perceptions –

· "HAM" Radio Operators -

Ever wonder what the word "HAM" stands for when someone is speaking about people who have all that fancy radio equipment in their basement or garage, with a big, tall antenna somewhere outside…looking big enough to send a signal to Mars…with seemingly peculiar "call-signs", like KFC3L???

Well, thanks to an email shipmate Chuck Wilson forwarded, it goes like this:

"The word "HAM" as applied in 1908 was the "station call-sign" of the first amateur wireless stations operated by some members of the Harvard Radio Club. They were: Albert S. Hyman; Bob Almy, and "Poogie" Murray. At first, they called their station "HYMAN-ALMY-MURRAY". Tapping out such a long name in code soon became tiresome and called for a revision. So, they changed it to "HYALMU", using the first two letters of each of their names.

Then, early in 1910 some confusion resulted between signals from the wireless station "HYALMU" and a Mexican ship named "HYALMO" which, like all ships of the time, also used the wireless telegraph for communications. So, our friends decided to use only the first letter of each name and, thus, their station call-sign became "HAM". But that’s not the end of the story.

In those early days of unregulated radio, amateurs picked their own frequency and call-letters. The, as now, some amateurs had better signals than commercial stations. The resulting interference came to the attention of congressional committees in Washington, with the result that Congress devoted much time to proposed legislation designed to critically limit amateur radio activity.

In 1911, Albert Hyman chose the controversial "Wireless Regulation Bill" as the topic for his thesis at Harvard. His professor insisted he send a copy to Senator David I. Walsh, a member of the committee hearing the bill. The Senator was so impressed with the thesis that he asked Hyman to appear before the committee. Albert Hyman took the stand and described how the little station was built and operated, and almost cried when he told the crowded committee room that, if the bill went through, they would have to close down the station because they couldn’t afford the license fees and all the other regulatory requirements which the bill imposed on amateur stations.

Congressional debate began on the "Wireless Regulation Bill", and the little station "HAM" became the symbol of all the little amateur stations in the country crying to be saved from the menace and greed of the big, commercial stations who didn’t want them around. The bill finally got to the floor of Congress, and every speaker talked about the "…..poor little station HAM". That’s how it all started.

You can find the whole story in the Congressional Record. Nationwide publicity that followed associated station "HAM" with amateur radio operators, generically. From that day to this, and probably to the end of time in radio, an amateur is a "HAM".

JPJ "Navy Exchange" –

During the Secretary’s Report portion of the Business Meeting in San Diego, shipmate Pete Maytham informed the group about two opportunities for obtaining "special handiwork" from two of our very gifted shipmates:

· Dick Moore - Ship Paintings and Prints An example of Dick’s excellent work – a watercolor of DD-932 - was on display throughout the reunion. A large "show of hands" indicated a definite interest in having a print made of the painting, which could cost on the order of $175-$200 per print, depending upon total numbers interested. So, if you’re interested, please clip off and complete the form below, mailing it to Dick by July 1, 2001. We’ll let you know the results in the Summer 2001 Newsletter.

· Paul Lanza - Sea Chests Those of you who attended the New London reunion in Nov. 1999, will recall seeing the magnificent, hand-made, hand-decorated Sea Chest presented by Paul on behalf of the Association to shipmate Bob Hayler, first CO of DD–932, on the occasion of his retirement as first president of our association! Paul has offered to donate $35.00 to the Association for each sea chest ordered by a JPJ Association Member or relative. If you’d like to find out more about these beautiful pieces of furniture, please fill out the form below and send it to Paul.

(Cut Along Dotted Line)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Return To:

Richard C. Moore
6 Eisele Court
Hampton, VA 23666

Tel: (757) 827-3266
E-mail: carismoore@aol.com

Re: JPJ DD-932 Painting/Print

Yes (Φ ) …I am interested in having a print of the watercolor of the JPJ DD-932. I understand production and price depend upon the total number of shipmates interested.

I am interested (Φ ) … having an estimate for an original Watercolor (Φ ) …; Oil (Φ ) …painting of the following subject (ship, sailboat, yacht, lighthouse, other):……………………………………

Name: ………………………………………..

Address: …………………………………………City…………..………………State…ZIP……

Telephone: ( )……………. Date: …………………2001

Thank you.


(Cut Along Dotted Line) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Return To:

J. Paul Lanza 
Cottage Furniture Ltd.
P.O. Box 1232
Avon, CT 06001
Tel: (860) 658-1850

Re: Hand-Made Finished Sea Chests

Yes (Φ )….I am interested in your Sea Chests, and would appreciate receiving literature and prices. I understand that, as a member, or relative of a member, of the JPJ Association, you will donate $35.00 to the Association when I place my order.

Name: ……………………………………………

Address: ………………………………………City……………………………...State….ZIP……

Telephone: ( )………………………Date: …………………2001

Thank you.