Summer 2001
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Summer 2001

Secretary’s Corner

Summer is now well-advanced, with its usual heat, humidity and, in the west, more forest-fires! Before Labor Day arrives, announcing the onset of a busy autumn, sit back and read about what’s going on in your Association.

The BIG NEWS in this issue is about our next reunion – some of which was recently posted to the JPJ website for our online members. More about it below.

Membership keeps on growing: 13 new members since the last newsletter, for a new total of 358. Great news!!!

At the same time, regrettably, we’ve also lost a few shipmates, but haven’t heard of any in “sick-bay”!

Starting this issue, you’ll find a new section, “JPJ DDG-53 CO’s Column, in which the skipper of the USS John Paul Jones provides a sitrep about “our” ship during its present deployment. Because of the recent Change-of-Command aboard the JPJ, we’re very pleased to be able to publish sitreps from both ** Former CO **, the out-going CO, and his relief, ** Current CO **. We wish ** Former CO ** “Fair Winds and Following Seas” as he takes up his new responsibilities in the Pentagon, and a hearty “Welcome Aboard” to CDR Steindl!

Pete Maytham, Secretary

JPJ Reunion – 2002

Here’s the news you’ve all been waiting for:      WHEN AND WHERE!

When -            10-14 October 2002

Where -           Norfolk, Virginia


The reunion Committee of Joe Good, Walt Malone, Pete Maytham and Dick Moore has been very busy since the San Diego reunion checking out possible locations, hotels, tours, etc. to make the reunion an EVENT TO REMEMBER!

Norfolk, Virginia (NORVA)

Not only because JPJ DD-932 was home-ported, and later decommissioned there to be converted to DDG-32, Norfolk and the surrounding Tidewater region is a great place to visit:

·        Waterfront

·        Nauticus

·        USS Wisconsin BB-64

·        Chrysler Museum

·        General MacArthur Memorial

·        Norfolk Botanical Gardens

·        MacArthur Shopping Center

and nearby:

·        Virginia Beach

·        Colonial Williamsburg

·        Yorktown

·        Mariners’ Museum

·        Air & Space Center


Reunion Hotel

Following considerable competition on the part of a number of Norfolk hotels, Reunion Committee Chairman Pete Maytham recently signed a contract with the Radisson Norfolk Hotel to be our reunion hotel.

Located in downtown Norfolk, with easy access to all its attractions, the Radisson is an ideal place to be.

Details and procedures for making hotel reservations will be sent to you with a future newsletter. In the meantime, the enclosed brochures give an idea of what awaits you at the Radisson and in Norfolk.

Destroyer Centennial

As our very good luck would have it, our reunion year of 2002 happens to coincide with the 100th Anniversary of U.S. Destroyers, highlighted by the commissioning of the USS Bainbridge DD-1 (Nov. 24, 1902).

Moreover, our reunion dates (10-14 Oct.) coincide with Norfolk Fleet Week, with major events honoring the U.S. Navy, culminating in the Navy’s official “birthday” on Oct. 13th.

Your Reunion Committee is already in contact with OPNAV’s Surface Warfare Directorate, coordinating our reunion plans with the PR plans and events the Navy is already working on to promote and publicise next year’s “Destroyer Centennial”!

To that end, the JPJ website is already linked to Surface Warfare’s website:




New Members

Please welcome the following 13 shipmates to our roster:

§ DD-230

·           Fred Marks (son of Ben) 1920’s


·           Ron Ball                     ‘60-’62

·           Mark Brinkman         ‘61-’62

·           Mike Farmer              1964

·           Larry Howe                ‘58-‘62

·           Charles Hubbard        ‘62-’64

·           Ed Thompson ‘56-’58

·           Myron Winklevoss    ‘62-‘65


·           Joe George                 ‘69-’73

·           Chuck Torelli             ‘73-’76

·           Jody Utsey                 ‘70-’71

·           Luis Wright                Unknown


·           Charles Pennington    Unknown


Every Member Get A Member

Even though Membership is growing, it would be wonderful to have even more shipmates aboard, from all the JPJ’s of recent years and, especially DDG-53, which will have been in commission 8 years in December!


We commit thee to the sea ……

  His son, Lee, informed us of the passing of Virgil M. Highsmith on June 8, 2001. Virgil served aboard DD-230 from 1943-1945. Lee wrote from his home in Anchorage, Alaska: “I’m very proud of my father’s navy service. I proudly wear the USS JOHN PAUL JONES cap my father gave me. I also have his original black watch-cap.”  We’re proud of him too, Lee.

  Geri Center emailed us that her husband, Larry Center, passed away on June 25, 2001, asking that we remember him in our hearts and prayers. Larry served aboard DDG-32 from 1970-1972. He will be missed by us all.

  Another DDG-32 shipmate, Gary Owens 1971-1972), passed away very unexpectedly on July 14, 2001 from a heart-attack, leaving his wife, Tracy, three sons, his father and brother, reported to us by his co-worker at Bath Iron Works, Bob Stevenson. Bob wrote: “Gary and I shared the same office at BIW and were neighbors. He and I had the honor to work on, and train the crew of DDG-53 in 1992 and 1993. Through the years, Gary always referred to the John Paul Jones very fondly.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your families.

Seabag Items

¨      Special recognition – DD-230 –

Shipmates who served aboard USS Paul Jones in the Atlantic during 1944-1945 recently received special recognition from the French Govt. in the form of a Diplôme, signed by the French Secretary of State for Defense on July 14, 2001 (France’s “Independence Day” during the French Revolution), which reads:

“Certificate of gratitude by France for those forces of the allied armies engaged in the Normandy Landings and Liberation of France 1944-1945.”

Shipmate Chuck Wilson (DD-230) personally received one of these certificates and kindly sent it to Pete Maytham to be shared with all JPJ DD-230 shipmates who were there. WELL DONE to you all!

Chuck also sent me a most interesting “History of USS Paul Jones DD-230”, which he obtained recently from the Operational Archives Branch of the Naval Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard.

Anyone, especially DD-230 shipmates, who would like a copy of either the “long” version Chuck obtained, or the “short” version already in our files, please contact our Secretary, Pete Maytham, at:

USS John Paul Jones Association
105 Joshua Rd.
Smithfield, VA 23430
Tel:  (757) 357-3785
Fax: (757) 357-0846

Thanks and congratulations to Chuck Wilson, who turned 90 a few weeks ago, and still going strong – as he writes: “A day at a time”!


We’re coming up almost 6 months since the San Diego reunion, and many of you haven’t paid your DUES yet.

Those of you who haven’t yet paid your Dues may have noticed “DUES DUE” after your name on the envelope this newsletter arrived in.

If you haven’t sent them in – they’re only $20.00, and valid from now through next year’s reunion - please do so NOW, sending your check to:

USS John Paul Jones Association
P.O. Box 180572

Coronado, CA 92178-0572

Ship’s Store


At the San Diego reunion, , it was announced, and confirmed in the Spring 2001 Newsletter, that shipmates could order beautiful sea-chests from shipmate Paul Lanza’s company, Cottage Furniture Ltd., in return for which, Paul would donate $35.00 to the JPJ Assoc. A few shipmates have taken him up on his offer so far. If you’re interested, contact Paul at:

Cottage Furniture Ltd.
P.O. Box 1232
Avon, CT 06001
Tel: (860) 658-1850

JPJ Prints

Although a large showing-of-hands in San Diego indicated many shipmates would be interested in having a print of shipmate Dick Moore’s beautiful watercolor of DD-932, Dick has received only a very few confirmations of serious interest, insufficient to justify production costs. If interested, contact Dick at:

Richard C. Moore
6 Eisele Court
Hampton, VA 23666
Tel: (757) 827-3266

JPJ DDG-53 CO’s Column

Following are SITREPS emailed to us by ** Former CO ** outgoing CO, and by his relief, **Current CO **, concerning the JPJ’s current deployment to the Middle East.

04 June, 2001 – ** Former CO **:

“JPJ underway for WESTPAC/MEF (again). Next stop Hawaii and East Timor. See you guys on the other side of the world. Regards, Tom C.”

14 June 2001

“We are currently 3000 mi. from Guam and headed for East Timor after that. Thank you for your continued support, and please give my best to the JPJ Assn. ** Former CO **."

19 July 2001

“As I write this, we are sitting at anchor in Phuket, Thailand, after having left San Diego about six weeks ago. The deployment started with a successful missile shoot at a supersonic target the first day out, and we haven’t looked back yet.

After brief stops in Hawaii and Guam for fuel, we spent three days doing humanitarian relief operations in East Timor. I can say the devastation the crew witnessed made an impression that will last a lifetime. We put over 150 people ashore doing construction projects and providing security details. They returned to the ship with the satisfaction of knowing they made the world a little better place to live in.

After joining up with USS O’BRIEN from Yokosuka, Japan, and HMAS ANZAC for a week of training off the coast of Darwin, Australia, we all proceeded to Singapore for another brief stop.

From here in Thailand, we will head to the Arabian Gulf to work enforcing UN sanctions against Iraq. This involves boarding and searching all ships bound in and out of Iraq to ensure no contraband cargo is headed in either direction. If the schedule goes as planned, and you all know Navy schedules “never change”, JPJ should be back in San Diego the week before Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, this is my last column in command of this great warship. I am due to be relieved on 29 July by ** Current CO **, a great officer and old friend. I know JPJ will continue to be the best ship in the Navy, and will go on to achieve even greater accomplishments. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I know you will continue to support JOHN PAUL JONES and her crew in the future. Best regards, ** Former CO **.”

07 August - ** Current CO **:

“Thank you for your note of congratulations. The change-of-command was held on short notice 3 August 01 in Bahrain. The 29 July ceremony had to be delayed a few days due to operational requirements. You will be pleased to hear that John Paul Jones is setting the standard out here in the Persian Gulf. The crew has excelled in every operational task assigned. It’s a very busy theater of operations, and I could not be prouder of this fine crew. Thanks for your continued support of USS John Paul Jones.

Sincerely, ** Current CO **

18 August 2001

Greetings from USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53). JPJ is now almost halfway through her deployment and everything is going very smoothly.

Repeating perhaps a bit of what ** Former CO ** may have already reported, after departure from Hawaii, JPJ stopped in Dili, East Timor, for 3 days. Over one-third of the crew participated in Community Relations’ projects ashore. Everyone participating said the work was hard, but very satisfying.

After East Timor, JPJ arrived in Darwin, Australia for a working port-visit with the two other ships in our deployed Surface Action Group, HMAS ANZA and USS O’BRIEN (DD975). JPJ spent 4 days at sea getting used to each other’s systems, and preparing for our deployment together. Everyone performed marvelously. Several members of the crew were able to spend a couple of nights onboard the Australian ship, HMAS ANZAC, for “training”. The reports that came back were all positive …. they had a great time! Although the stay in Darwin was a working port-visit, everyone was able to get off the ship and enjoy a much needed rest ashore. JPJ departed Australia and spent 5 days at sea working with ANZAC and O’BRIEN, before arriving in Singapore for a 3-day port visit. A few days later, JPJ conducted a 4-day visit to Phuket, Thailand.

JPJ arrived in the Arabian Gulf in late July as part of the Multinational Maritime Interception Force, which is enforcing sanctions against Iraq. After an August 3rd Change-of-Command, JPJ has been at sea boarding numerous vessels throughout the Arabian Gulf, and has also served as the Air Defense Commander for the Arabian Gulf. The crew is performing exceptionally well in the harsh 120-degree summer heat. Boat operations and flight operations are conducted around-the-clock in the performance of the JPJ mission. You would be proud of the current JPJ sailors.

Thank you for your continued support of USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53).


** Current CO **, CDR USN

Commanding Officer”


All of us in the JPJ Association are very proud of both **Former CO **, ** Current CO **, and especially the crew of the JPJ, as they carry out their demanding and, at times, dangerous mission on behalf of a grateful nation.

BRAVO ZULU – keep up the great work!!!

Humorous Thought

Shipmate Ed Ettinger submitted the following “sea-story” that ought to get a few laughs.

- Sarge -

In the Blue Ridge Mts., there was a retired Marine reputed to have the best hunting-dog ever, named “Sarge”. Three generals went up into the mountains and wanted to rent “Sarge”. The old Marine said, “Good huntin’ dog. Gonna cost ya $50 a day. They agreed, and 3 days later came back with the limit.

The next year, they came back again and were told, “Sarge” got better – gonna cost ya $75 a day”. Again, they agreed, and 2 days later came back with the limit.

The third year, the generals came back and told the Marine they just had to have “Sarge”, even if it cost $100 a day, to which the retired Marine replied, “You can have the worthless mutt for $5 a day, and I’m overcharging you $4.00”.

“We don’t understand”, said the generals, “what happened to him”?

The old Marine replied, “Well, a bunch from Quantico came up and rented him. One of the idiots called him “Master Sarge”, and he’s just been sitting on his ass barkin’ ever since!”




·        To make it more attractive and affordable for those likely to fly to Norfolk for the reunion, a DISCOUNTED AIRFARE will be available, with savings off lowest applicable published fares.

·        above all,